Marjorie Mann Now Appearing

Marjorie has a featured role in "I'm in Love with a Church Girl". The movie opened in October, 2013, and is based on a true story of redemption about a young man played by rapper, Ja Rule. Marjorie portrays his mother, Julia. She is instrumental in helping him go from a life as a player to meeting the "Church Girl" love of his life. The movie also features Stephen Baldwin, Michael Madsen, and Adrienne Bailon.


Marjorie will be performing segments of her one-woman show, as well as belly dancing solo, and with her partner Theresea. Her one-woman show is based on the 7-deadly sins. You will meet the character Serafina, representing the sin "Pride".You will also meet Missy G, the rapper who portrays the sin "Gluttony".

SERAFINA & FRIENDS... enchanted evening of theater and dance

Featuring: Marjorie Mann, Theresea, Serafina's Unveiling,

Desert Jade, Missy G and Guido on Drums.

Performance dates and times to be announced.


The Marsh Theater
1062 Valencia Street, San Francisco
Ongoing performances "Monday Night Marsh"
Where: The Marsh Theater, 1062 Valencia between 21st and 22nd St 415-826-5750.
Directions: Van Ness Ave south to right on 21st street, then left on Valencia
Parking: There is an attended parking garage on 21st Street just before Valencia
Contact Marjorie for dates and times
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